Pros and Disadvantages of Concrete Floors

Just like all flooring materials concrete includes a selection of positive aspects that salesmen and installers will force when making an attempt to advertise their products. In addition there are a lot of negatives to working with concrete in certain destinations, on the other hand. Just before opting to strip out other floors and go with handled or bare concrete in a very distinct place,hollow core floors it really is essential that you just figure out the professionals along with the cons.


1. Environmentally friendly: Concrete is ideal for warm climates since it stays amazing even from the most popular temperature. Conversely, concrete pulls the warmth through the solar while in the wintertime months, so your flooring continues to be warm. Aside from this power effectiveness, concrete flooring can also be eco-friendly. No trees are slash down when concrete is built, significantly less energy is developed to manufacture it versus other flooring types, and concrete would not comprise unstable organic and natural compounds.

2. Strong: Irrespective of what might leak on it or be dragged across it, concrete is sort of indestructible. If you would like to drive a tank in excess of it, at the time poured, concrete may take it. Massive box shops, warehouses and garages all use this sort of flooring for this very explanation. The only thing that can scrape a concrete flooring is often a jackhammer. Heavy furnishings, pet claws, and various substances that would destroy a hardwood flooring won’t even put a scratch on the concrete.

three. Readymade Subfloor: You may have a very effortless subfloor for epoxy, tile, carpeting, or what ever area you drive in case you ever get drained of the bare concrete search.

4. Effortless to keep up and cleanse: Concrete flooring are significantly suggested through the American Lung Association for individuals with bronchial asthma and allergic reactions. Dust, dander and dust mites can all be prevented by making use of this sort of flooring. Taking absent these allergens in the house is not easy despite having a vacuum cleaner, because they reside deep within a carpet’s matting.


1. Safety Considerations: The performance and visible charm of concrete may be hampered by its functional security elements, specially for younger kids. The material will not offer any cushion for slipping toddlers and toddlers or for dropped wise phones and tablets.

two. Amplifies Appears: Really hard flooring has the prospective to intensify appears, while this weakness is usually rectified easily through the addition of some judiciously-placed rugs, mats or runners.

three. Expensive: The labor involved with fitting a concrete floor might be rather superior, even though the cost of the supplies is reduced than for several other types of flooring. You can install the flooring by you as a way to avoid wasting funds, but do a cautious occupation – the end result may be visibly uneven when is floor just isn’t leveled accurately.

4. Messy Installation Process: The tactic of installing this sort of flooring is extremely untidy. More care will need to get taken to create guaranteed your home furniture and partitions are protected.